Install and Set up

Recommended equipment

  • Computer or laptop (not available for tablet or mobile devices)
  • Internet connection
  • Web camera
  • Microphone and speakers (a headset or earphones  are recommended)
ATTENTION: If you are using your own personal computer or you have a department-owned Mac, you will need to download the iSee application for yourself. Otherwise Skip Step 1.


Step 1: Download the installer using the links below. (Personal computer or department-owned Mac only)

Open your ‘download’ folder. For Windows, double click on the installer.exe file. For Macs, right click on the iSeeQLDDoE installer folder and select OPEN. Follow the prompts.

Step 2: Plug in your external headset or web camera (if using).

Step 3: Using SEARCH WINDOWS or MAC FINDER, search your computer's applications for 'iSee' and click on the icon to open.

Step 4: When the iSee Hub opens, enter email address and click CONTINUE.

Step 5: If prompted, sign in using either your Department of Education username (MIS ID) and password, or the non-department guest password provided by the Session Host.

Step 6: Tick to acknowledge you have read the terms and conditions and click ACCEPT.

Step 7: In the MEETING ID SPACE:

    • if you were not given a Meeting ID, leave it blank
    • if you were sent a Meeting ID number, type in the space.

Step 8: Click the LAUNCH iSEE button to open the iSee application. If prompted, allow iSeeQLD DOE to access the camera and microphone.

Step 9: Proceed through the first time user set up to select your camera and microphone, and set other options if desired.

Note: If you have used iSee before, or you wish to go back and change any settings, you can access the settings menu (gear icon) in the top left menu.

Step 10: Select your organisation and session from the drop-down menu options. If you entered a Meeting ID this will automatically fill for you.

Note: Staff can access the DEPT STAFF TEST from the drop-down menu if they would like to test iSee for themselves. This is a live space and other staff members may be present.

Step 11: Select a zone from the options on the map and click ENTER.

Step 12: You have now entered your iSee session and will be viewing the environment from your avatar's perspective.