Getting Started

Get started with iSee by downloading the free client for your Windows or Mac

You will need to be given access to a session by your organisation to connect. Australian University staff and students can access their organisation's default social campus using their email address and standard institution login.

1. Get ready for a great active experience

In iSee you are an active participant and can move around for conversations and interaction just like the real world.

To look and move around you can use your mouse like in the video, or use the on screen arrow keys, your keyboard arrow keys or the WASD keys if you are a gamer.

If you don’t have a headset then consider activating the ‘Push to talk’ feature to minimise the background noise for others when you aren’t speaking.

For bluetooth headset users we recommend setting them to earphone only mode so that you hear in stereo and turn off any audio enhancements. For more information on headsets for iSee click here.

2. Download and install iSee

(For use with the Qld Department of Education go here)

Corporate users - check to see if the iSee client is available from your organisation's software catalog.

If you have administrator access on your computer then install the auto updating, full client version below.

Minimum and recommended system requirements

Full Client

If you don’t have administrator access on your computer then install the portable version of iSee below. This version does not auto update, so you simply return to this page for the latest version if a mandatory client update is released.

Portable Client


3. Join your iSee session

Open the iSee HUB to sign in or use the link provided in your course LMS (canvas, moodle, D2L etc.) or by your event host.

In the iSee HUB you can sign in with an account connected to the session or use the ‘Join as Guest’ option if you have been given a session meeting ID.

(Australian University members can sign in with their University email address and standard login credentials to access their institution’s social campus. Note you will need to use your uni email address in the iSee hub and then your username at the AAF login step. Your username is usually the section of your email address preceding the “@” symbol).

When iSee launches - give access to your webcam, microphone and keyboard if requested. 

If you are having difficulty entering your iSee session please contact your host organisation or meeting organiser for assistance.