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Better Achievement

Immersive learning for the 21st century. iSee encourages warm and caring relationships to drive deeper engagement for better achievement.

Better Outcomes
Higher Education

iSee goes beyond content delivery, with a digital campus experience that enables students to grow relationships, build community and thrive in a culture of collaborative enquiry.

BETTER knowledge Networking
Research Events & Conferences

iSee enhances the crucial opportunities for participants to network freely, explore ideas in informal ad-hoc meetings, attend poster and exhibition sessions and build research communities.

Digital Campuses Need Human Dimension

iSee adds essential human, audio and spatial dimensions to digital campus life that strengthen learner/teacher/peer relationships. Deeper engagement improves participation, stimulates effective cohort creation and encourages course completion.

Loves Face-to-Face

Working face-to-face in a 3D virtual space makes collaboration natural in iSee. Form groups, walk between teams and locations. Even move in and out of ‘ear-shot’, just like real life.

Make Room for
Greater Potential

The new gold standard for online education, iSee makes it simpler to aggregate demand, create wider access to specialist educators, reduce barriers to educational advancement and drive more inclusive levels of participation.

iSee beats normal video calls hands down for organic interactions in large groups

Organising Committee for The Future of Meetings Symposium

For those looking for a virtual solution that enables personal connection in a fun and engaging environment I cannot recommend iSee enough

Siobhan Curran, University of Newcastle
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