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Why iSee is good for learning

Why iSee is good for schools

iSee lets us re-imagine school. School that's more flexible and better at creating great learning and social experiences to keep students and teachers engaged and succeeding.

With iSee the social student centred classroom can be anything and accessed from anywhere. Be it a more adventurous face to face class or a more socially engaged hybrid, distributed or distance class model.

If you want a school that students and teachers love, with more flexibility than you ever thought possible then you need to reimagine your school with iSee.


Why iSee is good for students and teachers

We all want school to put our kids on a trajectory for life long success.

As teachers we want to see our students motivated, socially engaged with their peers and grappling with the skills and knowledge they need to grow and achieve.

iSee makes it easy to create positive learning and social experiences for face to face and online classes. It harnesses game tech and real presence so teachers can create fantastic student centered learning activities that combine inquiry, agency and socialization.

When to use iSee

iSee is for online learning and events as well as for engaging digital activities within face to face classes.

Use iSee when you want everyone spending most of their time actively talking, discovering, playing, creating and working with each other rather than listening to you.

To really get the most out of iSee you want to explore the 'Enabling learning excellence' section. This will assist you in growing your practice with active learning pedagogies and social activities that exploit everyone's agency in iSee to deepen their learning and relationships.

Enabling learning excellence

Digital teaching principles

(Digital teaching principles to guide pedagogical reasoning)

Preparing students for success

(Workspace technical setup, supervision support, building digital literacy)

Designing & running a great class

(Pre-class organisation, developing your lesson plan, example classes and lesson plans, teaching and troubleshooting)

Learning activity ideas

(Active and peer learning examples that make the most of shared immersive learning)