Why iSee is good for learning

Relationships - Engagement - Pedagogy
friendships and support

The familiar use of space, movement and natural conversation dynamics in iSee are designed to make forming trusted Teacher-Student and Student-Student relationships easy.

  • Creates a positive & supportive learning environment
  • Enhances student engagement and motivation
  • Helps identify and address individual student needs
  • Fosters the growth of social and emotional skills
  • Encourages and facilitates collaboration and teamwork
participation and agency

The iSee world and tools are deliberately designed as an active learning space to make it easier to keep students engaged in learning regardless of the class size.

  • Integrate personalisation and student choice
  • Encourage collaboration and teamwork
  • Facilitate exploration and inquiry-based learning
  • Techology and gameplay integrated into the lesson
  • Provide authentic tasks and assessments
flexibility and creativity

The social, space and content interaction in iSee is designed to make it easier to create and deliver the social and student centred pedagogies that create better outcomes for students.

  • Collaborative learning, peer teaching & assessment
  • Constructivism and building communities of practice
  • Inquiry, problem and project based learning
  • Gamification approaches
  • Virtual excursions and experiences

Teaching with iSee is more like a face to face classroom than video conferencing.

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