Setting up your iSee webcam


iSee will detect any camera devices attached to your computer at the time of launching iSee. If your computer only has a single webcam then it will be selected by default in the "Video Settings" section of the Audio/Video Settings popup. A live preview from the camera should be showing in the preview window to the right of the camera selection list.

If there is no camera listed in the camera list or previewed in the preview window then iSee has not detected your camera. This may be because there is no working camera attached to your computer, or the camera was connected to your computer after lanuching iSee. If this happens then make sure your camera is connected to your computer and then restart the iSee application. Yoiur camera should then appear in the popup.

If the camera does not appear or your are having other camera issues then see the trouble shooting section here.


Switching between cameras

If you have more than one camera attached to your computer then you can select the camera you would like to use by clicking the down arrow beside the camera list and choosing your preferred camera from the list. iSee will use whatever camera is showing in the preview window when you click on "OK" to exit the Audio/Video Settings popup.

Changing the camera during a iSee session

To change your camera after you have already joined your iSee session you can relaunch the Audio/Video Settings popup by selecting it from the drop down menu at the top left of the iSee window. Because your current camera is being actively used by iSee it's preview will not appear in the preview window. The preview of other cameras will be shown as they are not in use. Select your new preferred camera from the Camera list or leave it as your current camera if you change your mind.


Using virtual cameras - live switching and background removal

Some 3rd party programs create a 'virtual camera' that can be detected and used in iSee in place of a physical camera.

Manycam has a virtual camera output from a software switch deck. This allows for users to live switch between a number of difference video sources in real time.


XSplit VCam takes the imput from your webcam and uses AI to remove everything that isn't a person from the image. This is a great solution for those wanting to do background removal from their webcam for improved privacy when connecting from home.


Trouble shooting

My webcam is connected and I have restarted iSee but I still can't find it on the list

Your webcam may be broken or not installed properly. Check that your webcam is present and working properly in the device manager.

There is also a known issue with using microsoft branded external webcams in association with windows laptops with their own internal webcams. In this case the microsoft external webcam is installed as a communication device rather than a webcam in device manager and so is not automatically detected by iSee.

To access the microsoft external webcam in this instance it is necessary to either dissable the inbuilt webcams on the laptop in device manager so that iSee can detect the external camera, or use a 3rd party program such as manycam or XSPlit VCam to create a virtual camera from the mircosoft external webcam.

My camera is working in the preview but not in iSee

There is a known issue for a small number of high performance USB cameras and professional photography cameras in webcam mode that no longer support the base webcam output resolution of 192x192 pixels. The preview from these cameras is able to be viewed in the preview window of the Audio/Video Settings popup but the video stream is not able to be processed in the iSee client for live transmission.

This issue may be solved by using a 3rd party program such as manycam or XSplitVCam to create a compliant virtual camera for use in iSee.