Release Notes Qld DoE 1.72

iSeeQld DoE Release Notes

Release Date: January 2023

Client Version: 1.72


Major new features:

  • 3D object based boards, these can be placed anywhere
  • Updated text boards now called Notepad
  • Synchronous video playback on boards
  • Avatar video to boards
  • Annotation system
    • Replaced previous Whiteboard
    • Any content except Browser can be annotated 
    • Snapshot with annotations
  • Mirror boards
  • Duplicate boards
  • Proxy details remembered for in session browsers
  • Hub landing page system
  • Chat pause
  • Icon when video is paused, no freeze frame
  • Enhanced content delivery system for reliable delivery of board content
  • Place user teleport function
  • Revised UX/UI
  • Layered board locking system
    • Board creation
    • Board movement
    • Content modification
  • Environment safety net (users bounced back if they escape the bounds of the environment)
  • Triggered teleport (map dependent)
  • Snapview replaced with 2D Views, these are floating windows that can be resized


Know issues and deprecated features

No Item Alternative / Workaround
1 Save load presets deprecated Duplicate session via the management portal
2 Quizzes deprecated Use Canvas assignments
3 Immersive training videos deprecated Landing page resources
4 No iSee format recordings Discontinues pending revamp due to limited use, use video format recording
5 No recordings on Mac Use mac screen recorder
6 It is possible to make boards inaccessible Contact iSee
7 Notepad cursor movement on acute boards Move the board or user so you face the board
8 Boards collide with the environment Advice only
9 Speaker mute only mutes avatar audio If silence is required use computer mute
10 Double click select board except on content Double click to select anywhere on the bold outside the content frame
11 Clients maybe unresponsive entering busy sessions If you receive the application not responding symbol / message just wait
12 Terminology changes Information
13 New activity Information
14 Activity lock legacy boards Information
15 Screen share related crash Limit the number of screen shares in a sessions
16 SILK error Click "Ignore" error
17 Crash dump file no longer written All useful log information is constrained in the player.log file
18 Scroll wheel move, board placement inconsistency error If the mouse scroll wheel is used to place a board, it's new position will not be reflected to other uses. If using the scroll wheel, the board’s position must also be changed via another method for the placement of the board to update for other users