What's in the latest iSee release?

Feature Upgrades for 2024

Security and Performance

  • Unity version upgrade to maintain long term security support

  • Security patches

  • Machine load reduction - reduces iSee CPU/GPU usage when using other applications and low quality settings

  • Network dropout resistance - resistant to network dropouts of up to 80 seconds for better performance on satellite connections

iSee Boards Upgrade

  • Board menus repositioning - so that they resize better and don’t block content

  • Audio file playback - audio files can now be directly uploaded and played on boards

  • Weblinks - can now put weblinks on boards that open in the system browser when clicked

Teacher Aids

  • Student holding pattern mode - students can’t communicate when teachers not present in the session so sessions can be left in the ‘Active’ state

  • Save and share zone content (restricted release) - can save the 3D and board content setup for a zone to a file that can be shared with others

  • Autosave chat - chat messages for the last month are automatically stored on the teachers machine and can be downloaded at any time

  • User activity data stored on server - all interaction metadata for boards, chat and 3D objects now stored in the iSee database

  • Board access and delete controls - boards can now be frozen/unfrozen and mass deleted from zones and sessions similar to 3D objects

  • Teacher laser pointer colour - teacher’s laser pointer can now be matched to their avatar colour

  • Notifications sounds - user can now toggle if they want an entry ‘ping’ for others entering the session

  • Student surname truncation on avatar for public video recordings

  • Auto-arrange bugfix

Known issues




Double click to select boards for move/resize only works outside of the content frame
Client becomes unresponsive for a few seconds when entering busy environments
New features are not available to users
SILK error
Screen share gets stuck on the loading screen
Videos with frame rates >30 FPS don't play back smoothly
Videos in WEBM format do not play
Images with embedded colour spaces other than sRGB do not render properly
File open dialogue on MacOS prior to Sonoma may appear unresponsive
Client sometimes crashes when exiting on Mac
Can't immediately re-enter session after a client crash
Animated ppt's get out of synch by one page when scrolling through pages quickly
Edits to notepad boards get lost when someone else synchs changes before you


Intended behaviour - use right click anywhere on the board for move/resize options
Wait and normal functionality will return
Custom session roles need to be updated with new activities to make use of the new features  
Click "Ignore" error to regain normal functionality  
Intended behaviour - screenshare is paused to protect video and audio on congested network connections  
Use Handbrake to convert to 30 FPS
Use Handbrake to convert to MP4
Open in image editor and save with standard sRGB colour space
Click in iSee window and then back into the file open dialogue window to activate
Close error message and wait up to 80 seconds before rejoining a session
Wait 80 seconds and then re-enter
Re-scroll to the correct page slowly
Try to have only one person editing at once





Ability ot edit proxy settins from settings panel in the iSee client


Edit proxy settings in iSeeHub