How to Increase Engagement with Quizzes

How to Increase Engagement with Quizzes

Quizzes are a relatively new feature of iSee and are in what we refer to as a Alpha phase. This means that usability is limited and we do not support the use of quizzes for summative assessment purposes. Rather, we suggest that quizzes can be used for formative assessment purposes which may help to engage users and help guide them to areas of importance.

Once a quiz has been created you can add it to a display board in any iSee environment for others to view and complete. A special feature of iSee quizzes is that when added to a board in the iSee client, each person taking the quiz sees only their own quiz at their own pace, with their answers and results stored separately and privately from others in the session.

Questions first

To create a quiz you must first develop a bank of questions you would like to use in future quizzes. Note that neither question banks or quizzes are currently transferable between users.

To view your existing questions and create new ones select 'Questions' from the 'Tools' drop down menu.

To add a new question to your question pool, click on '+ Question' and fill in the New Question form to create the question. iSee quizzes currently allow for multiple choice or multiple answer question formats. To create a multiple answer question check the 'Has Multiple Answers?' checkbox. You may also check the auto shuffle checkbox so that each person sitting the quiz receives the available answers in a random order. Note that this is not appropriate for answers that include an 'all of the above' answer.

iSee quizzes do not currently support images in either the question or answer.

Creating a quiz from your question pool

Once you have your question pool you can create a new quiz by choosing 'Quizzes' from the 'Tools' drop down menu.

This will allow you to view, add questions, edit and delete your existing quizzes, as well as add additional quizzes by clicking on '+ Quiz' .

To add questions to your quiz from your question pool, select 'Questions' which will open up the question selection form.

Click '+Add' to add questions from your pool to the quiz, or click on an existing question and click 'Delete' to remove it from the quiz.

Once your quiz has been created it will be available for you to add to any board in iSee by right clicking on the board and choosing 'New' -> 'Quiz' from the menu.