The User Management Toolkit

The User Management Toolkit
Like any co-used space, iSee is at it's best when people are able to manage themselves. This gives the highest level of opportunity for interaction and collaboration along with the smallest amount of organisational effort.

From time to time there may be some benefit in the more active management of people within iSee. This may be to help people who are having difficulty in navigating the environment for themselves, or to manage issues with people who are violating your organisations' usage policies.


iSee provides a number of tools that organisers can use to manage people within the environment:


Mute for all

Eject from session

Auto arrange

If a person is having difficulty with managing their background noise or is using sound to inhibit the engagement of others - then a session organiser can mute that person for everyone by selecting them from the Users tab on the left of the iSee window (see left).

The person can be unmuted by the session organiser via the Users tab, or can unmute themselves at any time by licking on the microphone icon at the top right of the iSee window.

If for whatever reason a session organiser wants to temporarily eject a person from an iSee world, they can do so using the Users tab on the left of the iSee window (see left).

The ejected person may return to the session at any time by going through the session sign in procedure. The person can be re-ejected at any time and for as many times as the session organiser sees fit.

If the session organiser would like to remove the person for a longer period of time they will need to disable access to the session for that persons account via the user management portal or create a new session for which the person has not been invited via a guest access link.

Letting people arrange themselves is almost always the best strategy in iSee worlds, but there are times when a session organiser might want to add some guidance or assistance.

The Auto arrange function can be used to set up a number of prearranged seating positions that taken voluntarily by people in the iSee world or forced by the session organiser. Anyone can exit their seat at any time by clicking the 'Exit' button that appears in the center top of the iSee window whenever you are in a seating arrangement.

To set up an Auto arrange right click anywhere on the floor area and choose 'Auto arrange' from the drop down menu that appears. Select the Auto arrange settings that best meet your needs and click ok. Settings can include allowing people to choose their own seat, putting people in seats individually, or auto forcing everyone into a seat. To remove an Auto arrange seating plan at any time, right click on one of the Auto arrange seats and choose 'Delete'.