File Sharing & Your iSee Drive

File Sharing & Your iSee Drive

Saving files off boards

You can download a file directly from a board by simply right clicking on it and choosing 'save as'. Note that iSee converts Word and PowerPoint files to PDF documents to display them so the file from the board will be a PDF rather than the native format. If you would like the file in the native format then you will need to have the file shared to your iSee drive using the file sharing option from the users tab.

Using your iSee drive

There is an iSee cloud storage drive associated with your iSee user account. To upload files to the drive select the drive by clicking on it at the top right of the iSee window and choose 'Upload File'.

Once a file has been uploaded it will be available to share with others. If the file type is one that can be displayed by electronic boards in iSee you can add them to boards when desired. this is the preferred method of adding files to boards in iSee and it overcomes the 5Mb file size limitation of loading a file to a board directly from your hard drive. 

To share a file with someone directly from your iSee drive select them via the users icon a the central left of the iSee window and click 'Share File'. You can then select the file from your iSee drive which will be transferred to them.