Chats, Bells & Teleportation- Connecting with Others

Chats, Bells & Teleportation- Connecting with Others

Using the chat tab

Using the chat tab creates messages that pop up as a text box on the screen of all others in a session. It can be used to communicate with people that have their audio muted, are out of audio range, have issues with their audio setup or have a hearing disability.

To access the chat feature select the chat icon from the center left of the iSee screen and simply type in the text box at the bottom. The chat history is live and does not carry over from session to session.


Accessing the user tab

Opening the user tab lets you see who else is in the session and which zones they are located in. The user tab lets you select individual users to control their audio, eject them from the session, ring their bell to get their attention or teleport to them.

You can also use the users tab to select several users to mute audio etc. if there is a lot of background noise.