Collaborate in a new dimension

What is iSee?

Online group interaction

Freedom to mingle and make

Class and workshop engagement

Collaboration tools

Fatigue free, fun experience

Laptop ready

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A new way to...

A sense of place


Learning, working, networking and play

Campuses, classes and conferences

Virtual excursions and adventures

Designed for group dynamics

Adaptable community spaces

Project brand, image and reputation

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Natural engagement


Just like real life

Natural voices, louder when close

Mingle, team and explore

Invest in relationships

Teleport to friends and places

Helpful hosting controls

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Seamless collaboration


Multiple conversations in one space

Move around to form and reform groups

Use smart boards to create content

Load websites, Office, GSuite, PDFs, images, videos, and more

Laser pointers to show others

Download content directly from boards

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